Academic Post 2025

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Academic Post Program 2025

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Application closing date

Applicants must submit all documentation by Monday 15 July 2024 at 11:59am AEST using the SmartyGrants portal. Access to the online form is automatically closed at this time. Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

Applicants should read the AGPT Academic Post Program 2025 - application guide before commencing this application form and consult with their nominated University Supervisor regarding the research project design and teaching plan. The guide is accessed here.

If you have any issues completing this form, or have any questions about any of the sections of this form please do not hesitate to email or call us on 03 8699 0418. RACGP staff will be available on Monday 15 July 2023 for final queries.

The application form

Word counts are in place for certain sections of the form. Ensure that you check the word count as the system will not allow you to submit the form if any count is exceeded. This application form is set out in four parts.

Part A: Applicant details and confirmation of eligibility

  • Complete all sections in Part A.

Part B: Research and teaching proposal

  • Complete all sections in Part B.
  • Consider your plan carefully as any significant changes will require approval from RACGP once the post has commenced.
  • Include your current curriculum vitae in your application as a PDF file.

Part C: Professional Development and Registrar Research Funds

  • Complete this section to advise how you propose to use the professional development and registrar research funds to undertake your research. 
  • All successful applicants will have access to $8,000 to spend on approved professional development and research costs 
  • Please note this can just be an estimate and is an exercise to encourage registrars to carefully consider how they might spend this funding. Additional requests to spend this funding or changes to submitted budget will be possible throughout the year pending approval by the RACGP
  • Read page 15 of the Application Guide for the spending guidelines

Part D: Declarations

  • Download the three declaration forms.
  • D.i: Applicant declaration. Fill in the form either electronically or print to complete, scan and upload as a PDF doc in the relevant section of Part D.
  • D.ii: Email or print the form and provide this to your University Supervisor to complete and sign. Upload it as a PDF doc in the relevant section.
  • D.iii Email or print the form and provide this to your local Medical Educator to complete and sign. Upload this as a PDF doc in the relevant section. 

Name your application files as follows, ensuring your first and last name are included in each file name:

  • Dr Joe Brown - Applicant Declaration
  • Dr Joe Brown - University Declaration
  • Dr Joe Brown - Medical Educator Endorsement
  • Dr Joe Brown - CV

Term dates and fellowship applications

The 2024 Academic Post program will run from January/February 2025 to January/February 2026. Specific dates are agreed with your university however your first day of employment must be no later than the first week of February. 

Confirmation of eligibility

I confirm that I have read the application guide and understand the eligibility criteria. 

I confirm that I have discussed my eligibility to apply with my medical educator. * Required
I understand that I must remain enrolled in the AGPT program throughout my Academic Post term and may not obtain fellowship during my Academic Post term * Required

Academic Post suitability

I understand that this application must be supported by my medical educator and that my medical educator will be asked about my suitability for an Academic Post * Required

Need any help?

If you are not sure where to start, or would like to be linked with a university supervisor in your region, or a previous academic post registrar - please get in touch. 

Academic Post coordinator - Georgia Franklin - 

03 8699 0418 

Privacy notice

Some of the information you provide to The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) on this form (such as your name) is personal information. The information you provide on this and subsequent forms may be used by The RACGP in the administration of your application for an Academic Post. Your application cannot be processed without the information. As part of the routine process of delivering this post program, the information you provide may be disclosed to relevant third parties, such as venues or other participating registrars. To view our privacy statement, go to